CTI @ Co-MAP- Lesson learned from CRAFT project

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CTI @ Co-MAP- Lesson learned from CRAFT project 4

Project Craft – Coworking in Rural Areas to Prepare Young People for Future Trends -in where CTI was partner -has officially been completed.  Some of the key findings form the projects are quite relevant with the topics implemented in CO-MAP project. In particular:

  • Climate changes and social challenges (Covid, War, Recession, Technology) forced the development of the circular economy, in which more and more young people will open opportunities for realization.
  • Mobility, cooperation, and exchange of ideas in an intercultural team are invaluable experiences for young people. They need to be encouraged to develop these skills in order to cope with restrictions.
  • Updating skills in the era of technological innovation and social challenges is crucial. Interactive methods of learning through games and online platforms are the future of learning.
  • Digitization and distance work allow for the development of small settlements and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable development should be imperative for all – institutions, training organizations, youth communities – so that these problems can be resolved through more support for mental health, the development of Steam skills and the circular economy.

the “Lesson learned” from the CRAFT project – summarized by the consortium – are:

craft lessons learned
CTI @ Co-MAP- Lesson learned from CRAFT project 5